MRS WOOLF is a strategic marketing consultancy that focusses on building the brands and brand experience of companies with creativity at their heart. MRS WOOLF offers companies and agencies a resource for the development of their own brands and creative offerings as tools for growth - helping leaders and their teams identify and deliver their vision and amplify their brands in line with business strategy.

If you partner with MRS WOOLF the priority will be to truly identify what makes your business different to the competition. Not to mention valuable and compelling to clients, talent and other stakeholders. And then, importantly, how to deliver it in the most compelling and relevant way.

The outcomes of interventions form the fundamental building blocks for measurable outcomes such as better odds of pitch wins, talent attraction and retention, organic growth and an increase in new client conversations.

way of the WOOLF

Our approach is  to look at organisations through the lens of the artist and analyst - delivering best-in-class strategy and design leveraged by market intel and insights.



“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.”

- Victor Pinchuk


mrs woolf keeps good company

Our philosophy is simple: in order for creative industries to thrive and survive, collaboration is critical. Over the years in the marketing and creative industries, MRS WOOLF has forged a network of experts in multiple fields with whom we collaborate with, should the job require it. 

In other words, you have access to her Black Book.

With this approach to modern business, Mrs Woolf’s clients are not only growing their own creative businesses, but also contributing to the growth and development of the entire creative industry too.